Thai Industrial Rollers Products

Ultimate Roll Quality

At Thai Industrial Rollers, we are committed to offering the highest-quality materials and production processes. Depending on the temperature, resistance, and load-bearing requirements of your roller, we will select the optimal covering to ensure a long life of smooth production. Moreover, our resources allow us to handle a huge variety of roll sizes to accommodate your every need.

Steel Rollers

Thai Industrial Rollers manufactures small and large industrial rollers, as well as leveler and backup rolls to the highest tolerances in our steel roller fabrication and machining facilities near Bangkok.

Diameter: 20–1,600 mm , Max. Length: 10,000 mm , Max. Weight: 20 tons

Materials for steel rollers

  • SUJ-2
  • S45C
  • S50C
  • SUS 400 Series
  • SCM 440
  • Etc.

Thai Industrial Rollers produces a wide range of Polyurethane Rolls in various sizes, to suit a huge variety of industrial applications

Hot Casting Type

  • Max Diameter: 1,600 mm
  • Max Length: 10,000 mm
  • Max Weight: 20 tons

Ribbon Flow Type

  • Max Diameter: 1,600 mm
  • Max Length: 10,000 mm
  • Max Weight: 20 tons

Overview of Thai Industrial Rollers Polyurethane Rolls for Industrial Applications

Ester - Oil Resistant Type Hardness 50 - 95 ºA
Ester - Low Hydrolysis Type Hardness 70 - 95 ºA
Caprolactone - Water and Oil Resistance Hardness 90 - 95 ºA
SRP 5060 - Solvent Resistance Hardness 50 - 65 ºA
TIR-A14-226H - Hydrolysis Resistance at High Temperature Hardness 60 - 95 ºA
Poly Blue – Hydrolysis Resistance + High Rebound Resistance Hardness 70–80 ºA
High Strength PU – High Load Bearing + Low HBU Hardness 60–70 ºA
High Heat Resistant PU – to 140 ºC Hardness 93–95 ºA

Rubber Rolls for Industrial Applications

Thai Industrial Rollers Co.,Ltd. has been serving the high quality testing and resourceful R&D department. We are very selective in choosing materials which suit the production line condition and match our customer usage purposes.

Max. Diameter: 1,500 mm , Max. Length: 11,000 mm , Max. Weight: 20 tons

NBR Hardness 30–95 ºA
HNBR Hardness 45–95 ºA
CR Hardness 40–95 ºA
NR Hardness 40–90 ºA
BR Hardness 60–90 ºA
CSM Hardness 50–90 ºA
EPDM Hardness 40–90 ºA
VITON Hardness 70–80 ºA
SILICONE Hardness 50–90 ºA
Supra Black Hardness 80–95 ºA
High Heat Resistant Rubber –to 175 ºC Hardness 75–95 ºA
High Heat Resistant Rubber – to 250 ºC Hardness 50–85 ºA

Thai Industrial Rollers is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified