Welcome to our website of Thai Industrial Rollers Co., Ltd., the leading
Thai manufacturer and exporter of rollers. We offer you a variety of high-quality
rollers services as follows:

  • Covering rollers with rubber, urethane and any other polymer for all industries
  • Repairing the damaged parts of rollers such as shaft, flange and working surface by HVOF and arc spray
  • Coating rollers with Teflon
  • Manufacturing new steel rollers
  • Grinding rubber-covered, urethane-covered and steel roller by CNC grinding machine
    (Maximum Diameter x Length = 2500 mm. x 11000 m.)
  • Grinding small size Leveler Roll and Back up Roll
  • Induction hardening
  • Boring the inside diameter of rollers
    (Maximum Inside Diameter x Length = 300mm. x 3000mm. x 20mm.)
  • Balancing rollers
    (Maximum Inside DiameterxLength = 2000 mm. x 10000 mm.)
  • Sand blasting and Grit blasting
    (Maximum Inside DiameterxLength = 2000 mm. x 10000 mm.)
  • Coating mechanical components and cookware with Teflon

Every Product is supervised by Japanese engineer with more than 50 years of experience.


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